Jason Saduko

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Saduko draws his experience from a number of years as an internet radio presenter, working for various internet stations from around the world. The time spent with these has given Saduko an insight into live radio, good presentation skills and a great knowledge of 80's music.


2019 is here  so lets get to work.

It's been a while but I am planning to update the site over the next Month or so. Also get back to doing more shows within SL, recording them and leaving them on here to download :). The plan is to be up and running by mid Feb 2019.



4th Feb 2016


ellie Wolfenhaut (eleanor.fredriksson)

& Šarã  (saracooper)



What's in the Box?

1. Hair is the MAIN thing.

2. You might find one in a wardrobe?

3. A sort of Royal.

4. if needed :)..... King of the jungle

Answer ....... Lion.

20th Jan 2016

                                         Sadly TODAY NORMANDIE RADIO announced it will no longer continue streaming..... sad news indeed.

                              Please note some of the dj's have shows at other venues and I will be posting their names and links to thier shows in the future.

1st Jan 2016

                       Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

Today also see's the introduction of our new Second Life Magazine about clubs and venues in SL. An honest review of clubs and entertainment venues within the nightlife world of SL with a Rating system, plus, dj portfolios, competitions and your favourite hotspots.



December 2015

                                        Getting ready for xmas :)

24th October

                                 Well It's been a long and hard summer & the clocks go back tonight so an extra hour in bed and the dawn of winter.

Was that a "yuck" I heard then....no no no. "Wahoo" I tell you.....ok stop larking about Saduko. Yes its winter round the corner but that means more time to spend on here and exploring Second Life & radio gossip :)

Good to be back btw.

15th JULY

                           Very hot and busy Summer will see ya again in October.

10th June 2015

10th May 2015

Geoff is all clued up now but is returning back to the UK for several Months. On his return tho he will be setting up his own rigg and we may see him in sl :)

21st March 2015
Geoff Ellison who used to present with me on Radio Nova here in Spain on the Sports show has decided to get his hands dirty, so to speak.
He wants to get to grips with working a mixer, play lists and setting things up to do shows.....either with a radio station or from home onto the internet.

12th March 2015

Today we have added a windows media player page for those who wish to listen directly to the Live stream.

Show times can be found on the left of this page.


Well happy NEW YEAR and lets hope its a good one.

Check out Normandie Radio when you can.

21st October 2014

Working with a great bunch of people on a fantastic Internet radio station....check out Normandie Radio

Plenty of live shows from around the globe.....join in the fun either in skype chat room (ask to join) or joining them in a virtual world.

1st October 2014

Finished with Radio Nova BUT we will be looking to see if we can get the loose woman show on an Internet station via the pub. Yes I said the PUB, lol.

1st June 2014

Been a while since i last posted. Busy looking and doing more giggs on Second Life and been Busy with work.

Radio Nova Has been sold and its an exciting future ahead.....will see what happens.

26th Jan 2014

Manic couple of weeks thats for sure. Dont forget if you want a couple of words for a dry drop then simply goto the WORK SHOP and use the contact form.

My Wednesday show on Radio Nova now has a new home within SL at the New Club Renezvous, hope to see you there.

7th Jan 2014

Wednesday Shows are back on Radio nova from 11pm GMT+1

But sadly Radio Nova is no Longer on SL.....for now.

3rd Jan 2014 

Happy New Year to all have a great new year......I certainly plan to.

21st December 2013

Loose woman xmas party this week....ON AIR...omg lol. Got a sing song too the 12 pains of xmas :)

Plus a light Saturday Sports Madness with Geoff and myself. All starts from 2pm GMT+1

7th December 2013
Loose woman on Saturday from 2pm Spain time (GMT+1) then its Saturday Sports Madness with myself and Geoff. Fun afternoon planned thats for sure :)

20th November 2013

No shows this Saturday as Radio Nova have a charity event from 2pm GMT +1. We will be there of course, well beer is 1 euro, I mean its for charity :)

Lots of Entertainment provided with singers, bands & much much more, all live on air.

Not forgetting your wacky presenters too.

10th November 2013

We have our Robin Hood event this coming Friday & have a cash prze for best in Costume.

Come as one of Robins merry men or woman OR even as one of John's henchmen.

Good Music and Good company at Nova Luna in Second LIfe.

8th November 2013

Its ROMAN night at Nova Luna tonight 1am sat gmt +1 for 2 hours. 
Prize for best in costume and we will have a competition for everyone to join in.
Nova Luna is in the Virtual world of Second Life.
FREE to join just need an email address.
6th November 2013            Well had some issues with the old electricity this week, annoying, but hey the show goes on.....well rescheduled lol.
Dont forget The Roman Event this coming Friday at Nova Luna in Second Life.